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I teach at Dominion Academy, a school for children at risk and with special needs. This Christmas was really special for all of my students because of the gifts they received from the Caring Clothes Closet. For some of the children, this may have been the best present they received this year.


Here are only a few of the stories. 

(Names have been changed.)

When I asked Jade, an 8th grade girl who lives in a group home, to write about Christmas, she didn’t want to do it.  “Where I live, they don’t do anything special for Christmas or for Easter,” she said.   On our last day of school before the holiday, I showed her a bag that contained a coral scarf with a matching hat, among other treasures – all from your closet – and asked if she wanted them.  Her eyes grew wide as she said quietly, “YES!” They were the most fashionable clothes I’ve ever seen her wear. The goody bag with hat, gloves, candy, tissues and Chap Stick made her eyes light up.  She simply whispered, “Thank you.” 

Albert, an 11th grade boy who lives in a group home, had all of his pants but one pair stolen right before Christmas.  The day after the theft, he came to class so upset he literally wasn’t able to tell me what was wrong. When he saw the clothes that the CCC provided and was allowed to choose from them, he looked like someone who had won the lottery.

Tyeron, another 11th  grader from a poor, single-parent family, could hardly believe his eyes when I asked him to choose from the brand-name clothing (in his size and in excellent condition) from the Caring Clothes Closet.

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To everyone who worked on the Christmas bags, I wanna say I appreciate you and all the effort you put into creating the Bag.

– Nakiera Grade 8th, Dominion Academy

Thank you for all you have done. I like it very much.

– Deion, Dominion Academy

I want to give you all a big thank you for the nice things I received. I'm so thankful and happy for it because you really didn’t have to get it shows me that you care and really have a good heart.

– Raymond (senior)

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Mrs. Fender, I am attaching a few pictures of my son playing soccer with your son's cleats. It may seem so small to others but one pair of cleats has meant the world to my son. This is a child who was withdrawn and didn't want to do anything but be by my side from the emotional abuse he goes through constantly from his father. I'm his safe place and his rock. With much encouragement he now has joined a soccer team, exerts himself, wants to make friends and now excels in school. I am so proud of him. And again one pair of cleats I think opened the door for him to care again. He has a lot of growing to do and I think now he knows he has the power to overcome whatever comes his way. I'm proud of how strong they both are and how they never complain. My kids and I face hurdles everyday but we are together and The Lord leads us through his path. Luckily I don't have to have contact with my abuser but my kids do have visitation with him and it takes a huge toll on them. We still struggle from time to time to make ends meet but some how things work out. I am so grateful for the caring generosity you have shown myself and my children with the items we have been able to pick up at your caring clothes closet. The items have helped us tremendously as the kids are always in need of clothes.

My kids don't have a lot and we make do with what we have but we always give thanks to the gifts that we are given. Thank you for filling out hearts with hope and love and sharing with us some clothes that were desperately needed. Please keep in touch and I will do the same. Thanks again. I can't thank you enough.

- a mom

The bags were helpful this past weekend when an upset little girl coming into care was made a bit happier by being able to choose a bag for herself and a sibling.

- Lutheran Family Services

I just wanted to Thank You ladies and all of the volunteers from Shady Grove that helped in making a wonderful and blessed night for our teen moms.


If you only knew how full my heart is knowing how you loved on the teens and showed God's love Tuesday night. (I'm in tears) Not only did the teens call me and shared, but the mentors and volunteers shared too. Everyone was blown away by your generosity.  I am completely grateful for all your hard work, planning, and this labor of love, so hate that I missed this, but forever grateful to you. For that is what God has called us to do is love one another.

 - Young Lives

I would like to extend a very big and heart felt thank you for all of the joy and smiles that you and your program have given to our "little ones" as they make a scary and uncertain transition into a new home. The bags that your program provides represent understanding, that they will be cared for and that they are not alone. 

Thank you all again for your thoughtfulness and time dedicated to making the bags.

- First Home Care

The children LOVED those sweet little packs!!!  and the precious notes, such a treat for them. The family really appreciated all that was provided! The mom was in desperate need for shoes and now has 2 pair!!!  Thanks again!

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