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Dear friends..

Wow.  Just wow!  I can’t get over how many of you donate clothing to the closet!  It’s mind blowing and truly a blessing.  With your donations we were able to serve a little over 1,000 at risk clients last year and hope to double that number this year!  Thank you so much for thinking of us and blessing us with your gently used clothing. 


On that note, I have a huge request.  With the blessing of clothing, we sometimes become overwhelmed by the amount of donations that we receive on a daily basis.  And those donations aren’t always clothing we need, or can use based on the type of item and the condition.  We are a consignment quality clothing bank – ask yourself why are you giving it to us.  Is it stained, out of date, out of season, has a hole, is  “pilly”, torn, etc..??  If so, we don’t want it either!  In addition, almost every fully stuffed garbage bag that is donated has clothing that is almost or completely unusable due to the affects of the bag.  The clothing becomes very wrinkled and misshaped and unwearable.  Please remember our tips on donating:

  • Ask yourself would a consignment store take the clothing?

  • Do not give us soccer, school, vacation, etc clothing.


  • Please give us only in season clothing. 

  • Please, please, please fold your items neatly and put in boxes, tubs or shopping bags.  We also take clothing on hangers. 

  • If you have a large donation, reach out.  We will meet you there and help you with your donation. 


And a last few tidbits:

When the trunks overflow, they break…..

When bag after bag of clothing is put into the trunks, the clothes become unusable……..

When our porch is overflowing we run out of space to sort………


Thank you for thinking of us and for helping us to be more efficient in serving our clients. 

Blessings to all. 

Sara Fender