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Caring Clothes Closet Supports

COVID-19 Efforts

Food donations to help organizations that serve vulnerable children and at-risk families who do not have access to the Grab-n-Go locations in the city. Please put items in the trunks on the front porch only as we have had issues with squirrels getting into the food left directly on the front porch!

Any of the following food items can be left:

· 1 Mac-n-cheese microwavable 4 pack

· 2 Pop-top canned fruit

· 1 box Toaster tarts/pop tarts OR Variety pack instant oatmeal

· 1 box Saltine crackers

· 1 Jar Peanut butter in non-glass container

· 1 Jar Concord grape jelly in non-glass container

· 1 Jar Traditional pasta sauce in non-glass container

· 1 box any type Pasta

· 1 box any flavor Granola bars

· 1 6 pack package of Peanut butter cracker

Travel size toiletries to include laundry detergent

We are launching a new program called “BARE NECESSITIES” to include giving our clients not only laundry detergent to clean their clothes, but also toiletries to help with their personal hygiene. These items are usually last to be bought for their families and will become even more scarce during this crisis.

· Please only give TRAVEL SIZE toiletries at this time.

· Please make sure the bottle is completely full.

· Full size toothbrushes are accepted.

· Small laundry sized detergent only.

· Please put all items in either a Ziploc bag or any type of resealable bag tied at the top (good time to get rid of unused cosmetic and toiletry bags).

Face masks to help support the medical community

Click here to view different ways in which you can make face masks, and see a list of acceptable clothing items that can be used to make them. Please drop these off, in a sealed ziploc bag, to the front porch trunks as well.

Clothing donations April 1 through April 15th

· By appointment only – we will give you a time to drop off (please email us to schedule your appointment).

· We are ONLY taking THE ITEMS LISTED ON OUR NEEDS LIST AT THIS TIME (see the donations list herePlease please adhere to our request on what we need at this time. We do not have the space or volunteers to deal with a large volume of donations right now!)

· Please give us clothes on hangers where you can.

· Non hanging clothing must be folded nicely, and sorted by size, in grocery/shopping bags.

Foster parent survival kits - Henrico Collections needed!! 

Many Foster families are currently suffering silently and the forecast is that when some hit their breaking point there will be more disruptions than normal.   

There are about 75 foster families in Henrico that need our help!  Please click this link to see what they need, and drop off items in a sealed ziploc bag, to the front porch trunks.


Let's show Henrico Foster families some care and love during this hard time.  

Starting March 30th, the CCC will be collecting the following at its Shady Grove location at 4825 Pouncey Tract Road, Glen Allen, 23059:

Food donations   -   Face masks   -   Foster parent survival kits   -   Travel size toiletries   -   Clothing donations

For more information see below, or email us at

Thank you for your help in continuing to support our community with us!

Sewing masks


Watch this YouTube video of how to make masks

Many of our health care professionals are facing shortages in supplies and are asking for fabric DIY masks to cover the N95 masks and prolong their use.  They are appreciative of anything we can make, however Bon Secours and VCU have put together some specific style requests.  Other places haven’t specified a particular style.  


Most health care professionals seem to like having some sort of metal to mold the mask over the nose.  Sewers are using anything metal such as paper clips, pipe cleaners, florist wire, and even cut up aluminum pie pans.  Elastic has become hard to come by, so many are using fabric ties instead of elastic.  Additionally, folks are creative about their source of fabrics, many using clothing they no longer wear such as men’s cotton shirts, t-shirts, flannel shirts, cotton dresses, etc. There are many tutorials on the web and here are some suggestions.  The Bon Secours style is simple, easy to sew and great for beginners.


If you would like to help our medical community during this Covid-19 crisis, please drop off your masks on the Caring Clothes Closet porch (Short Pump only).  We will ensure they are delivered to groups in need.


1. Bon Secours request:


2. Here is the official pattern for the masks accepted by VCU



It’s called the Phoebe pattern, and is different from the Deaconess pattern that other facilities are accepting.  VCU will accept ANY mask we bring, but for those comfortable sewing this pattern, it will be used with an N95 mask inside, to again prolong the remaining N95 masks.


VCU suggests Symphony Broadcloth 65% polyester/35% cotton

100% cotton will still be accepted, but if you can find this fabric, it is preferred. It is fabric similar to the OR linens and they have specifically shared this fabric with me as a good choice.


3. Contoured mask with one color on each side (dark on one side, light on the other)


Thank you for being part of this amazing community!